Oh Suzani!

Well, in trying to live up to my NY resolution of blogging more than every 6 months (hehehe) I want to share my latest obsession...


Okay, I know, I know; this isn't anything NEW or earth shattering, but I've been known to show up late to the party (I'm also infatuated right now with turquoise!)

I'll be "bringin' it" with some projects soon!

So, what is SUZANI?

The literal translation is "needlework", but to collectors it is more specifically the embroidery from Uzbekistan. Now if you are like me, you are wondering where in the heck is Uzbekistan?! (or maybe geography genius here is the only one!) Uzbekistan is north of Afghanistan and sandwiched in between some other "stans", namely Turkmenistan and Kazakstan (Borat fans rejoice!)

Many retailers are carrying Suzani "inspired" items.  While they aren't the "real deal", they are a beautiful alternative for the rest of us!  I love the beautiful, vibrant colors and the bohemian feel.  What a way to liven up your home decor!

Bohemian deliciousness!
{Suzani Lily Coverlet & Sham at Acacia Lifestyle}

Dress up your white dinnerware!
(Table Linen Collection at World Market}

I love the color combination.  I would put this on my chocolate velvet sofa!
{Throw Pillow at Pier 1 Imports}

Beautiful colors!
{Art from Z Gallerie}

A bold & sassy chair
{Parker Chair at Crate & Barrel}
A fun alternative to a coffee table
{Footstool at Wisteria}

{Fun throw at Anthropologie}

{Placemats at Horchow}

{Fabric from fabric.com}

{pair of Suzani inspired prints from Lamps Plus}

Stay tuned for my feature on Suzani's little friend, Ikat!  Coming soon...



Kim said...

I'm a fan myself. Seeing it everywhere and loving it!

Meg said...

Hi Kendall! I was actually wondering how you were doing the other day. I too had to take a bit of a hiatus, but am so glad to be back and to see you back as well!

I looove Suzani and I love ikat too! Are you planning to insert either into your home? I'd love to see that!

Welcome back!!

Kolein said...

Love the Anthro - thro! These designs are wonderful!

2 posts in like 5 minutes! Awesome!


Bukhara-carpets.com said...

Very nice chair ! In Uzbekistan, suzani become less and less. I think it a year or two, we can not find them and they are much more expensive.

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