Only I could pull this one off!

Happy Monday everyone!

I did so many decorating re-do's this weekend and happily snapped pics of everything, thinking to myself, "I'm going to be a blogging fool on Monday!"

Then, it happened....

I went to put the card from my camera into the Mac (which by the way, is only a month old and my husband's *precious*) and I stuck the card in the wrong slot!  My heart dropped as I felt it go through and fall to the bottom of the computer.

Like a child, I had to go tell my husband, with feet dragging and head held low.

After he laughed and made jokes about it for at least an hour, he rushed off to the Mac store to get it fixed.  Good news: they can fix it.  Bad news:  We won't have our computer back until Wednesday!

So, with that said, I won't have any new pics to post until Wednesday evening at least. (*sniff*)

I'll enjoy visiting your blogs in the meantime!


Breathing a sign of relief...

Well, the baking marathon for my husband's clients is FINALLY done!  I never want to see a piece of fudge again for as long as I live!  Or chocolate covered pretzels.  Or cookies of any kind.

I've missed blogging and reading blogs this past week!

After all the comments on my Beachy Holiday Tablescape I think I'm going to do some "re-decorating" this weekend and add more "coastal, beachy stuff" to the rest of the house.  I love the fact that whatever I do, I can reinvent it to use in the house the rest of the year.  Shells know no season, right?!

So, I will be posting pics on Monday but I leave you with some "beachy" inspiration....

(photo Coastal Living)

Won't that wreath be yummy with that aqua ribbon I used on everything else?  I think I'll put this together to hang in the family room over the center window!

(photo Coastal Living)
Hmmm....this might work to cover up the fireplace we can't use because it might melt the plasma TV. Check out my mantle woes & the evergreen monster currently coming out of my fireplace!


(photos HomeGoods)

(photo Beach Cottage Decor Finds)

(photo Beach Cottage Decor Finds)

(photo Seaside Designs)
Oooo, aren't these little topiaries CUTE?!  I have some foam cones left over from my decorating workshop.  I especially love the one in the back tied with raffia!

(photo BHG)

(photo Beach Cottage Decor Finds)

(photo Beach Cottage Decor Finds)

(photo www.omurtlak.com)



Really!  I won a blog giveaway.  I've never won anything in my life!  Seriously!  I won $50 to spend at Outer Banks Trading Group!  Go check them out.  They have absolutely DELICIOUS things for your home!

Here's some things to whet your decorating appetite...


And I must give a shout-out to my new blog friend Maya at Completely Coastal!  I've been following her blog for a few weeks now and she's a girl after my own heart.  You know I just love the "beachy" look and Maya has such wonderful ideas that inspire me daily!

Check out some beautiful pictures of coastal gift wrap ideas she posted this week!  I think I am going to try some of these ideas on empty boxes and use them as decor.  They are SO YUMMY!


Thank you Maya @ Completely Coastal and Outer Banks Trading Group for this wonderful gift!  I would just give you a big 'ole Texas SMOOCH if I could!

Giveaway Alert! Ends this Sunday!

Okay, I don't post about every giveaway I run across, but this one is REALLY COOL, I mean REALLY!  Head over to High Heeled Foot In the Door (don't you just LOVE that blog name?!) where Camila is giving away fun decorator's supplies:  a color deck, Mythic Paint (can you say, shi-shi expensive low-VOC paint?!), and some Frog tape.   I want to win, I want to win, I want to win.  BUT, I'll be okay if you win it instead.  I'm thoughtful that way (:


Finesse Your Nest House Tour

Nesting Place hosted a Christmas Tour of Homes today and I just ALMOST missed it!  I think I'm delirious after my 1000th cookie baked!

Now don't forget to go check all the other beautiful homes on the tour.  I'm still wiping the drool from my chin!

When I saw this event I just knew it was the motivation I needed to get the house "done".  Here are some of the things I've put together in the last several weeks.  Some of this is a repeat, for those of you that follow me regularly.

Hoping to get more done this week, but here is the house, so far...

Welcome to my home!

It's a little "beachy" inside and definitely NON-traditional holiday colors!

I love this simple holiday display sitting on my trash-to-treasure bench!

The tree...

Even my art got wrapped up and rehung!

Snowflakes on the banister hung with gray satin ribbon...

A cute little wall hanging as you enter the kitchen!

And here is our family room...

Working around the electronics is a challenge! (*sniff*)

I love fun holiday pillows!

We had snow 2 weeks ago in South Texas!  This is my son tasting snowflakes!

Happy Holidays!

Search my archives for more great ideas!