Carie's house (post #6) - the family room curtains

The "no sew" curtains we did in the family room.

Carie's house (post #5) - more finishing touches

Pic #1 - We recovered the barstools with the same fabric we used on the curtains and valances. Pic #2 - We added iron pieces on either side of the entry to the breakfast area, to define the space.

Carie's house (post #4) - the bar area

Carie's house (post #3) - the breakfast area

Aah, now my before and afters are in the right order (blondie can learn!) Okay, so this is the breakfast area. Carie bought a new table and chairs (go Carie!) and I snagged a FREE chandelier that my mom-in-law was getting rid of (thanks mom-in-law!) We made the valances out of leftover curtain panels (smooches to Carie's daughter's friend that sews!) and stitch-witched upholstery fabric to the bottom.

Carie's house (post #2) - the little details

Okay, I can't figure out how to add a lot of photos with separate comments (computer-challenged here!) so I'm adding subsequent posts on this project. Bear with me! The art in the first pic is pretty crafty I must say. That is an empty frame from Goodwill ($2!!) and we painted the wall inside the frame and then hung a plaque. Cool, huh? The 2nd photo is the wall over her pass-through. That shelf started out red (we painted black) and the Tuscan plates were $3 a piece at Homegoods. To define her arches, we painted them the same brown that is inside the frame.

First decorating project (for someone other than me!)

Well, my first decorating project for my friend Carie is complete! Here are before and after photos. This is Carie's kitchen. The before pic is 2nd. She really likes Tuscan/Bistro style. We painted the walls mustard with a brown faux "Tuscan" finish.


Don't forget your local thrift store!

I found a wonderful Goodwill store in my little sleepy suburb! I went in not expecting much and came out with 3 new projects!

Project #1: I bought a cute little piano bench with storage in the seat for $20. The carving on the legs is yummy but it's covered in a mustard velvet ala 1970's! I think I'm going to paint the legs white and cover the seat in a chocolate and white honeycomb print. That's what I envision anyway. We'll see what I come up with at the fabric store!

Project #2: A 3-tier wood table that would be perfect on the back patio as a serving cart for $10! I think I will add casters to the bottom and paint it a fun color!

Project #3: Glass jars w/ lids for $.79 to $1.99. Have you seen those ever-so-perfect pantries in decorating magazines where everything is in labeled cute glass jars? Well, I want to do that in mine too! Maybe it will make my dinky little pantry look a little more respectable! Now my mission is to hit this place every week to get more jars.

Don't forget your local thrift store! There is a treasure trove of decorating for CHEAP! One note on furniture. Make sure the piece is sturdy and is not broken to the point of disrepair. You can change finishes & cover ugly seats. And check back often. These places get new shipments every day!

I will post pics of my thrift store projects....when I can get to them!!

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