Design Advice on a bird-sized budget!

Finesse Your Nest now offers online design consultations!  I'm not a professional decorator but I have a knack for showing others how to decorate on the cheap, rehab thrift store or trash picked furniture, put together a paint plan, arrange furniture, and find unique accessories or repurpose what you already have, all while saving money! 

I use "mood boards" to show you a concept, like this...

Neutral living room with Turquoise & Lime accents, created for a client recently

I also go a step further and address each element of the room in detail, giving my clients furniture styles to look for, cool ideas for wall decor, several options for paint combinations, as well as addressing any special needs.  I ask A LOT of questions in the beginning, to develop the most comprehensive plan possible for your space.

I like to call it "Mood Board Plus" because I pretty much throw everything at you, including the kitchen sink (only kidding)!   I don't know about you, but I like having a lot of information and then whittling down from there, and I love having lots of options to think about.

I know there are outrageous sums of money being charged for online consultations these days and I'm sure in a lot of cases you are really getting a value.  I am offering plans that don't "break the bank", allowing you more budget to decorate!

If you are interested in an online consultation for a room or a whole house, email me and we'll chat!

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