Thanks for sharing, my friends!

My sweet friend, Sunny, just shared a wreath she made for her front door.  She was "inspired" by one of the projects I posted a couple of weeks ago.  Thanks Sunny, for taking the idea and making it even cuter than the original!  Here's what she did:

Take an old picture frame (take out the glass & backing) and hot glue silk leaves to the front.  You can use any size frame!

I love that she used silk leaves that have a little "sparkle" (I'm such a girlie girl and anything sparkly just "has me at hello"!)  She attached a little blown glass acorn on a ribbon for extra cuteness.  Sunny, share where you got that cute ornament.

If you try out one of the ideas I post please share with me!  You can post on my Facebook, if we are friends there, or email me at kendall@digiteconline.com

OR, if you have a different, cute, easy and most of all CHEAPO decorating project, please share that as well.  I'm always hunting for new ideas to decorate without pawning jewelry!

I also want to share another blog with you that I absolutely HEART.  If you are looking for absolutely adorable and unique things for your next party, head over to my friend, Brandy's blog:


Is that not the cutest blog name ever?  Brandy is one of my dear friends from high school, now a stay-at-home Mom & entrepreneur party planner & consultant in the Dallas area.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the 'wreath love!' I got the 11x14 frame at Michaels for $4.99, 2 sparkely (I'm so glad you noticed) Fall leaf bushes for $2.19 each, and some Fall-colored wired ribbon for $.99 yesterday. I then hit up HL and scored the glass acorn ornament in their Fall section for the sweet, sweet price of $1.99! $12.35 of Fall bliss!

Keep the inspirations coming!


Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

$12 and change, that's insane! I love it!

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