5 minute Halloween/Harvest decorations! Quick, easy, & no stress!

Here are some really quick & easy Halloween/Harvest decorations I found this morning.  These take 5 minutes MAX to put together!

(photo BHG)
Candy Corn in a clear glass container with ANY fresh flowers!  Easy and super cute!

(photo BHG)
Use simple construction paper shapes and tape to embellish a simple glass dish!

(photo BHG)
Cut a runner out of orange felt.  Cut the same size out of brown felt.  Cut small circles in the brown felt runner.  Layer on top of the orange.

(Photo BHG)
Use fluorescent green foam circles (craft store) Cut into crescent moon shapes.  Use double stick tape to secure them to a tree to look like creepy eyes!

(photo BHG)
Cut Halloween shapes out of black construction paper and tape to the inside of your windows.  When the room is lit, the shapes will glow!

(photo BHG)
Use strips of orange construction paper secured to a glass votive holder at top and bottom with tape, forming a pumpkin shape.  Add a leaf cut out of green construction paper.  Drop a votive candle in for instant cuteness!


Simply Creative Insanity said...

very cute ideas! I am using some candy corn decor for our party this weekend! It is great stuff to decorate with!

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

Brandy - Thanks for looking! I look at your blog all the time, because so much of what you and I do has some "cross over". Can't wait to see your party pics after this weekend!


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