Outside of my house after much gnashing of teeth!

Helpful tip to everyone....Command Hooks do NOT work on stone exterior.  After many trips up and down a ladder trying to hang those icicle lights in the arches on my front patio, I finally resorted to electrical tape!  So, while it is beautiful from the outside, it's a black tape nightmare on the inside.  Oh well...

Here's another view from the side.  Yeah, there's my son's bike!  I was too tired to move the darn thing.  Maybe I should have just hung a wreath on it and called it part of the scheme!

My lighted trees.  The 4.5 foot was $5 at Target last year the week after Christmas and the little one was $2!  SCORE!  I put a snowflake ribbon bow with streamers on both.  They are really there to cover up the HOT MESS that are the cords to all the lights!

It's not you, that picture is a "little" fuzzy...okay, a LOT.  Now if I were really snazzy I would have a cute little bench there, but let's just pretend those cheapo chairs are a bench, okay?  I took two old red pillows and tied the same snowflake ribbon around each.

My bird wreath.  Quite clever that my wreath ties back to my blog name, dont'cha think?

I have a thing for birds, and nests, and eggs....

After I took all these pictures, half the icicle lights fell down (aargh!) and part of the icicle lights on my house blew a fuse.  Back to the drawing board!

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