Ode to my Nana

My Mom has sent me things from my childhood over the years.  I always love getting the boxes and walking down memory lane, usually with many tears!

A few years ago, my Mom sent me a box of ornaments that decorated our family tree.  I usually put these on a garland every year, but this year I decided to put together a little tree in the kitchen with all these wonderful things.

They were painted by my sweet Nana (my maternal grandmother), who was an artist/crafter by profession all her life.  My Grandfather, who passed away from cancer several years ago, painstakingly cut out all the wood ornaments in his workshop and Nana worked her magic creating these special works of art.  She worked all year creating wonderful things which she sold at the War Eagle Craft Fair in Arkansas.  For those of you who craft, you have probably heard of this huge annual event in October.  They participated in this event for over 20 years and made most of their annual income there. 

Nana is still here, living in Tulsa, but doesn't paint or craft much these days.  I will always have wonderful memories of watching her work and this little tribute to her to share with my family and friends!

Isn't this the cutest ornament?!

This little soldier has a fur hat!

I think this one may actually be from my Mom's childhood tree!

This one is probably my favorite.  It's Little Red Riding Hood & it reverses to be the Grandmother! 

A cute little ballerina complete with real tutu and yarn bun.  I just love all the little details my Grandmother put into her ornaments!

Santa with Pom Pom nose!

What wonderful things do you put out each year from your childhood?


Maya said...

What talented lady! These are soooo cute. I have a mini tree in the kitchen too..., and just love it.

Janean said...

unfortunately i have no childhood decorations, but i've bought a few that remind me of childhood. your nana must be thrilled at seeing a special tree for her (and grandpa's) ornaments.

La Petite Gallery said...

So happy for you Kendall
Have a great Holiday season..
OMG! I am an ole Houston Gal..

Maine Now. Yvonne

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

Yvonne - You are from Houston? Well YEE HAW! (Okay, that was totally a joke. I'm certainly not a redneck and I'm betting you aren't either! Ha!) I love Maine. So beautiful there with TREES!

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