Cute candles!

Here are some cute candles I put together last week for my decorating workshop.

Candy Cane Candle...
1)  Use hot glue to attach the candy canes to a pillar candle. 2) Let dry about 10 min.  3) Use hot glue to attach a piece of wide wired holiday ribbon to the base of the candle.

And what do you do with the broken candy canes?  You make a little votive...

You can also make one with "faux" candy canes if you don't want sticky fingers.  I found these cute "knobby" ones at Dollar Tree.  Oops, it's a little naked.  I forgot to put the ribbon on it before I snapped the picture!

Butterscotch candy, yum!  I think I ate about 1/2 the bag before I ever got started on this one!

1)  Shop the house for an ugly pillar candle (mine happened to be the color of chicken noodle dinner baby food.  Yes, I still remember that color!)  2)  I took it outside and sprayed the top 2/3 and top of candle with a little spray adhesive.  3) I sprinkled some gold glitter over the adhesive and lightly pressed the glitter into the candle  4) Unwrap the butterscotch candy and hot glue to the base of the candle.  I did 3 rows, but you could do more or less.  5) Tie a gold ribbon bow right above the top row of candy.

Okay, not really a candle, but goes with the candy theme we have going on here.   A Peppermint Topiary!

1) Use a cone shaped object (you can buy the cone forms but they are a little pricey.  I used a silver tinsel cone tree from Dollar Tree)  2) Unwrap the peppermint candy and attach to cone using hot glue (Keep in mind that you may have to break a few pieces in half to fill in the holes.  The pattern won't be completely uniform because of the shape.  If this bothers you, you might just want to skip this project altogether, hehehe)
3)  Tie a ribbon bow and hot glue to top of cone.
I would place this on a silver metal pillar holder to elevate it!

I linked these projects up to Living With Lindsay's Impromptu Linky Party!

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