Happy Fall Y'all!

I haven't posted in awhile, much to my dismay. LIFE has been taking all of my energy right now! I still haven't completed all those projects I posted about. It's nagging at me, but eventually it will all get done (I'm hopeful!)

In the meantime, I found some easy, inexpensive and absolutely SPOOKTACULAR pumpkin carving projects Enjoy! (all photos courtesy of BHG)

All you need is a drill and several size bits to make the holes! Easy peasy!

Sketch the squares and then use a pumpkin carving or other sharp knife to carve out the square (but only the outer skin. Don't carve all the way through!) The deeper the cut, the more the pumpkin will glow when lit. You can use a knife or a lemon zester to make the lines.

This one take a little skill, but how cool is this?! Craft stores carry a variety of monogram letters in different fonts and sizes. Trace the letter on your pumpkin and then carve carefully. This is a display that could stay up through Thanksgiving. Gotta love that!

Love this idea! Carve out your house numbers on pumpkins. You can stack directly on the porch or elevate with an urn. Again, your craft stores have the number stencils. This is another idea that could stay up through Thanksgiving. I love how they accented with the Fall leaves!

You could also spell out "BOO" on 3 pumpkins. Fun!!

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