Out of my gourd, about GOURDS!

Continuing with my Fall decorating ideas, here are some wonderful things you can do with GOURDS! I just love these freaky little vegetables, especially the oddly shaped and bumpy ones! You can find these just about anywhere, but my favorite place to buy them (for cheap!) is at a local pumpkin patch. I visit one held at a church here in Katy every year, but local schools often do these too! I decorate AND help a good cause. Makes me all warm inside! (:

(all photos courtesy of BHG)

Gourd or mini pumpkin votive holders. Appropriate for Halloween through Thanksgiving! You could use these as pathway lighting for Halloween or centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table.

I love these apothecary jars! They are such a versatile decorating item. Fill with gourds, mini pumpkins and fall foliage through Thanksgiving and then Christmas ornaments to carry you through the holiday season. Group them in 3's or 5's for a "WOW" display!

Another glass jar idea!

Cute, cute, cute! How about something different for your Halloween party or Thanksgiving gathering: Set up a "Candy Bar" using hollowed out gourds or mini pumpkins for your containers. Fill with candy corn, butterscotch hard candy, caramels, black jelly beans, etc. Be sure to drop a glass votive holder in the opening to hold the treats (okay, that was a "duh" moment!)

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