Patio Progress

The patio makeover is coming along, slowly but surely.  In the meantime, I did a little mini makeover on my front patio with old things from the back patio.

No before picture, but it was empty.  We are fortunate enough to have a huge brick covered patio on the front of our house.  Ideally, I would love to find a big rustic bench, but for now this will do, especially because it was FREE!

This is the old furniture from our back patio.  We now have a nice sitting area on the front porch!

The metal container was a brassy delight found at Goodwill for $2.  I spray painted it espresso.  The rocks and that awesome piece of wood that looks like coral were FREE finds courtesy of the mountains in West Texas during our Spring Break vacation.

Coming soon....back patio reveal.  Okay, I know I'm a tease and I've been saying this for at least 2 weeks now.  I've decided I need an assistant.  Any takers?!



Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

You are a tease!! I was so expecting the back patio!! I will wait (not so patiently...).

The Inspired Nest said...

I love your front patio! How lucky are you? Can't wait to see the back patio! The turquoise has got me excited!

Tracy said...

I love front patio'. they seem so inviting. Yours sure does.
Looking forward to you back patio make over.
Oh I would so love to be your assisstant

Patricia said...

Looks great!
I love it!~

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Lucky you to have a big front porch...luv how you did your shopping at HOME!


sissie said...

Hi Kendall,
The front porch is looking good. I love the brick on your home.

Can't wait to see.


Aimee said...

Wow the front porch looks lovely. How nice to have a place to sit and relax:) Cant wait to see the back porch!

Leanne said...

I can't wait to see the patio. And I would love to come over for lunch. I need some warm Texas weather, it's still cold here. I'm having my first Organizing Linky party tomorrow. I would love it if you'd stop by.

southerninspiration said...

I am feeling like driving up to Katy and sitting on that pretty front porch with a glass of tea!! :D
How cool is that????!!!


Nancy said...

The front patio is looking all warm and inviting. And then you'll soon have your back patio all finished...can't wait to see the reveal!


Kathleen said...

ok - couple of things.

First - It looks great. I've seen pics of the front of your house from Christmas and such and this really looks wonderful and inviting. Good job shopping YOUR house!

Second - I totally had an ugly brass tin thing like you got at Goodwill - infact - that could have been mine. And I sold it at a garage sale years ago. I'm ashamed of myself for not seeing the possibilities in it at the time. I LOVE that you spray painted it. It is fabulous now!!!

Third - Is that a Buddha sitting there on the ground by your table? If so - where did you find it? It is HUGE! I can't find any larger than say 12 inches. *sigh*

LOVE what you are doing and I'm way excited to see the back patio reveal - I'm loving turquoise and robin's egg blue and dark browns right now. I think it's going to be GORGEOUS!!!!!

sweetpicklesandchocolate said...

That is awesome! Looks great and so nice to have a patio out front!

Melanie said...

I need an assistant too:) Every project we girls start seems to take more time then we think it is going to.

I can't wait to see the finished patio.

Meg said...

Totally cute setup!! Props for recycling! And congratulations on your decorating business. That is fabulous!

Can't wait to see the back patio reveal!

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