Welcome to another installment of my weekly feature, showcasing NEW or as I like to call them NEWBIE blogs that are fun, interesting and just plain COOLIO!  

After taking a week hiatus to fall down a very tall mountain ski, I'm excited to share my latest neato blog!

Meet Heather!

Heather & her husband, Chris, on the beach!

...and Heather's blog!

I found Heather through my friend, Meg, at House Notes.  Thanks Meg!  (and she gets to shop with Meg and get decorating advice "live" because they are personal friends.....*sighing wistfully*)

Heather and her husband Chris got married in October 2008 after 5 years of dating as college sweethearts! 
They bought their house in June of 2009 and started the blog after following all the amazing bloggers out there.  They thought it would be fun to chart their progress in decorating their first home.  

Heather is so happy to be a part of our fun little community.  She's been inspired by many bloggers and loves interacting with these creative ladies on a daily basis - plus it keeps her motivated to keep the projects going!  

Heather and Chris describe their style as a little casual and a little coastal.  She's obsessed with thrifty decor - Goodwill, Craigslist and discount stores are her weakness (oh Heather, we could start a 12 step program, you and me!)  She adores making things over with paint and she LOVES saving money, professing to be a big couponer and deal-hunter.

So, here's why McKinney Living is part of my daily blog tour!

Fun and fresh rooms!

Master bedroom...black, white & turquoise yumminess!

The Keeping Room (I love that she calls it a Keeping Room!)  before...

and the fresh & breezy after...
This room is still a work in progress, so check back as she accessorizes and makes it even more fabulous!

Cool projects!
Heather framed lyrics to their 2 favorite songs (songs they danced to at their wedding) and gave them to Chris!  Here they are close-up!
What a beautiful way to remember that special day!

She finds the best stuff at Goodwill!  Check out these treasures!

$5.95....yes, for a chair!  Can't you see this beauty painted and recovered?!

9.99!  It will be painted a calm coastal blue to go in the Keeping Room!
Everything pictured here was under $10 TOTAL.  Now that's a bargain!  

I want to go thrifting with Heather......BAD!

So go check out McKinney Living and become a follower!  Heather's funny, honest writing style is refreshing and you will enjoy following her play-by-play in decorating her first home.

See you next week for more NEWBIES!! 


Kendall said...

I apologize everyone for the letters on the ends of my pictures for this post. I tried to go fix it, but messed it up worse so I'm just leaving them in order to get the post up. I hate being techie challenged!!

Holly said...

I love finding new blogs. I am so checking them out tomorrow...it is too late right now!

Nancherrow said...

Looks like a great blog to check out...and I love a thrifty shopper!


Heather @ McKinney Living said...

You are too, too kind, Kendall! I am so flattered to be featured on your blog - thank you!!! :)

Danielle and Clint said...

What a cute story! I love her blog!

Meg said...

Aw, great post Kendall! They are such amazing people and their house is even cuter in person. and their plans for the next few months are going to be extremely impressive!

I cannot take credit in Heather's fabulous style. If anything, she is always giving me great advice. But, my husband and I can take credit for setting up Heather and her husband Chris. My most successful match making venture thus far!

Kendall said...

So Meg is matchmaker too, in addition to being decorator, crafter extraordinaire!

diana said...

i am a newbie also, and of course its always a work in progress, love the framing of song lyrics created by your newbie, Heather @ McKinney Living, will be following

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I wouldn't mind shopping with Heather either. She makes some GREAT finds!
Patricia :o)

dolores @ Welcome to My Humble Ablog said...

Great Newbie post! Two thumbs up! :)

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