New appreciation for this great land of ours!

Have any of you ever been to West Texas?  I had this preconceived notion that anything west of San Antonio was ugly and barren.  Boy was I wrong!  We drove through West Texas on our way back from skiing in Red River, NM.  I have a brand new appreciation for this part of the state and I'm looking forward to going back to explore!

Beautiful sunset over the mountains & plateaus of West Texas

Windmills.  There were fields and fields of these!

The McDonald Observatory in the mountains outside of Ft. Davis

Have you heard of Marfa, TX?  Best known for their "mysterious lights", I knew of this town because of a feature in Domino magazine several years ago.  I can't wait to go back to Marfa soon!

The Thunderbird Hotel & Restaurant

This is the bank in Marfa.  I was peeling my face off the car window drooling over all that gorgeous iron and tile work!

 Now where else are you going to find a PINK fire station?!

 Now we have a "thing" for ballroom anything in our house.  I was lucky to spot this great sign!

 This is the gas station turned art studio that was featured in the Domino spread

 The local movie theatre.  I just love old signs!

We also drove through Roswell, NM and cracked up at all the alien references!
Even the streetlights were "themed"!

We found a great place to rock climb in West Texas and I loved shooting these pictures!
 Even an imaginary gun can be fun!
Always the "hams"!

Okay, now we'll be serious!

 Pierce & Dad

 My brother-in-law pointing the way home!

 Sis-in-law & my nephew....awww!

Brett & his sister, Cristi

  Cale & Pierce, cousins and buddies!

 Aunt Cristi with Cale & Pierce.  This is one of my faves!

 My beautiful niece, Ashton.  So easy to take good pics of her!

Chance & Ashton, our resident teenagers!

  Beautiful kids & scenery!

I snapped this in the car in Southern New Mexico.  Isn't it beautiful?

 Pierce & Cale loved playing in the snow at Red River!




Raining Pearls said...

What amazing pictures!

Kathleen said...

BEAUTIFUL! Now I wanna go drive through West Texas! WHAT? Did I just type that???? lol - those pics make me wanna go!!!! Looks like you guys had a GREAT time!

southerninspiration said...

Great pics, girl!!! I bet y'all had a blast!


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Love the kids' pictures. You have a beautiful family!
Patricia :o)

Linda said...

Gorgeous scenery, fun town photos and a BEAUTIFUL family!

Melanie said...

Great pictures!

Annesphamily said...

Beautiful. Isn't it amazing how you find out things that you didn't know about cool places?

Lindsayb-mo said...

Great pictures! The sunset is my favorite! =)

Patricia said...

I feel like I visited too!!

paperscissors said...

it was so enjoyable to share that journey with you! sometimes we don;t know what beauty is in our own backyards! i tell many people here in canada before they spend every holiday heading back to the same southern sunny destinations to explore canada, it is breathtaking with it's scenery and adventures!

Teri said...

We drove thru west TX from Del Rio to Van Horn in '04. Loved it. Amazing landscape.

Emily said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I have yet to get past San Antonio.. but am hoping to go out to West Texas this summer. I have an Uncle in San Angelo and it's supposed to be gorgeous out there! We love in a beautiful state, huh? How do you like Katy? I'm right down the road from you! Great blog! :)



Tara said...

Hi Kendall,
I thought the same thing about West Texas until I married a Red Raider from Lubbock. West Texas is BEAUTIFUL and has amazing sunsets. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! Hugs, Tara

sealaura said...

ooh what lovely pictures! I just did a driving trip to Texas with my boyfriend. But we went from Dallas to Norman OK, and then to Amarillo! I definitely want to make it to the west. Thanks for stopping by my blog, yours is so cute, I can't wait to see more :)

Meg said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful and so is your family. Y'all seem like a very fun crew! I'm glad your vacation was so much fun. I'll make it out there someday!

Terri Smith said...

Stunning photography! Miss Kendall, what a gorgeous family! Also, the NM shot particularly got me..WOULD LOVE TO LIVE THERE! Guess it's the dreamer in me alive and well.

Blessings, Love and Georgia Sunshine, Terri

Briana Renee said...

Love the pictures... I'm in Houston myself, and have never really travelled through west Texas, but you have inspired me!

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