4th "Welcome to Newbie" Wednesday feature!


Welcome to my 4th "Welcome to NEWBIE" weekly feature.  Each Wednesday, I will introduce you to some NEW, or as I like to call us, NEWBIE, bloggers who are fun, creative and just plain COOL!

You, my peeps, get some new inspiration and the NEWBIE gets some new followers!  A win-win for all!
First up, a blog I discovered this week after she became one of my followers!
Meet Becca!


Here's Becca's blog, full of elegance and grace!

Go get wrapped up in her Southern charm right here! 
Becca lives in South Carolina with her wonderful, thoughtful and handsome husband, three terrific stepkids (who live *too* far away in Georgia) and a precious 3 year old son.  Becca has what she likes to call a severe case of ADD or Attention "Decorating" Disorder! She's been known to arrange and rearrange (check), paint and repaint (check), and do and redo again and again and again (triple check!)  Okay, Becca you're definitely not alone in your "illness"! She likes to consider decorating a fun hobby, but her family considers it an obsession! 
Here are some of the fun things going on at Becca's house!

Wouldn't we all like to have a laundry room as elegant as this?  I might just wash more often! 
I love taking a bold print, like this palm and monkey wallpaper, and just "going for it" in an unexpected place. It's like your own little piece of paradise, even if you are cleaning underwear!

Can you believe this is the same room before?!?!

Love the very elegant clock. She made the counter space a "command center" for the family!  The little touches like the clothespins in the bronze jar and the monkey lamp to tie in with the theme are so cute and well thought out!

This room has a dual purpose: laundry room AND mud room.  Becca says the bench has storage and it's where she puts the family's "stinky go to" shoes.  *sigh....mine end up on the front porch for all the world to smell.....errrr....see!*

The new dry bar in her dining room complete with built in wine cooler! 
Oh, I'm in heaven (yes, mama likes her wine!)

As Becca calls it, her "Pah-lah" Re-do  
*say it in your best Southern drawl*
Before...still a great room.  Becca you have such beautiful furniture!

 And after...

Look at that delicious metallic paint treatment.  Wanna know the color?  Go check out her blog!
And folks, you think you do Christmas up big?  Becca does Christmas MEGA JUMBO SIZED!  She even has a Yankees Christmas tree in the garage (aka "Man Cave")!

  I hope you enjoyed meeting Becca and be sure to go visit Becca's Adventures in Decorating and become a follower!

My 2nd featured NEWBIE is Trixie!


And her sweet, shabby, charming blog...

Trixie is a midwest girl that's lived in the south for 20+ years. She's always loved to decorate and create things, and finding a great bargain always makes her happy (oh, that's my happy place too!) She treasure hunts on the weekends at estate sales, garage sales, & flea markets, and everything in between.  Right now she's enjoying renovating/decorating her new/old house. She can't imagine life without being creative or without her precious little fur kids!  

She's a little shabby, a little cottage, and a lot of chic!

So prepare to drool.....

Her fresh and airy living room!

A Goodwill Lamp before...

A Trixie transformation!

Simply beautiful mantle....

This beautiful embossed tin (or is it?) mirror.
You're never gonna believe how she made this. 

Curtains made out of sheets!  

Burlap art!  Now there's a new idea for this "material du jour"!
And that's just a tease; there's so much more to see!  She posts not only about her magical makeovers, but also really GREAT inspiration posts pulled from other web sources.  I absorb her blog like a sponge daily!
Go check out Flea Market Trixie AND her Etsy shop too!

Beautiful shabby crown pillows sold in her Etsy shop!

 So that concludes this week's "Welcome to NEWBIE Wednesday"!  This NEWBIE just loves that you stopped by!  Join me next Wednesday for more NEWBIES!


Becca said...

Kendall(!!), the first newbie you talked about with a crazy decorating obsession sounds an awful lot like me ... WAIT, it IS me !! LOL. What fun to see that you showcased my little ol' blog !! THANK YOU ... hope I don't disappoint your followers though.

Trixie's blog is wonderful ... so envious of her obvious talent and "Trixie transformations!" I'm redoing my master bath and bed in blues ... her obvious love of such a calming color will be very inspirational! Thanks again for chatting me up !! Hugs, Becca

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

You are so welcome. Becca you have an amazing talent for arranging and putting together beautiful color combinations....you could never disappoint! Thanks for participating and I'll talk to you soon!


Shellbelle said...

Well now you know I'm getting ready for that big move to Georgia, so decorating blogs are what I need. They both sound fabulous, but I have to admit Trixie's fits my budget better. I'm going to go check them both out right now.

Shellbelle said...

Sorry, I forgot to say that I LOVE Becca's wallpaper and that laundry room is fab!

Meg said...

Two more awesome bloggers! And let me just add that Trixie's living room makes me want to be a better person. Those pops of blue made me squeal!

Dawn said...

This is just awesome!! Trixie is already one of my favorites, and now I get to go check out Becca's blog (I feel as if I can because I naturally say "pah lah" hahaha. Love the series, thanks so much for introducing us to such amazing talent!

Shannon said...

I LOVE this idea! I'm always on the hunt for more blogs to read and people to "meet".

Search my archives for more great ideas!