3rd "Welcome To Newbie Wednesday" & A GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to my 3rd "Welcome to NEWBIE" weekly feature.  Each Wednesday, I will introduce you to some NEW, or as I like to call us, NEWBIE, bloggers who are fun, creative and just plain COOL!

You, my peeps, get some new inspiration and the NEWBIE gets some new followers!  A win-win for all!
Today I'm stepping away from the decorating blogs I usually feature, to introduce you to a super talented new friend.  
Meet Terri Smith, artist extraordinaire!


Terri has a wonderful blog that chronicles her work, called Dimples & Dragonflies. 
I met Terri after she responded to my post about Etsy.  One look at her work and I was in love!


See what I mean?  Her work just makes me smile!  Terri is not afraid to use bold, happy colors and her pieces have a modern vibe while still being warm and friendly.  

Terri often uses children as her subject and she captures their expressions so beautifully!
So here's a little more about Terri...

Terri has been a working artist for the past 7 years, and lives in Bonaire, Georgia.  She has studied Figurative Expressionism, Portraiture and Studio Drawing.  Terri is influenced by artists Modigliani and Vincent Van Gogh.

Terri also experiments with other mediums.  Check out this Venetian Plaster piece she made...


Oh how I would love to see that piece.  I can just imagine all the beautiful textures!

I've been visiting with Terri a lot recently and in addition to being uber talented, she's just as sweet as can be!

You'll notice that Terri signs her work, "R. Hill".  She does this in memory of her maternal grandmother, Reeder Hill.  Isn't that a beautiful tribute?

So I have something VERY EXCITING to tell you!

Dimples & Dragonflies is offering an art giveaway to Finesse Your Nest followers!  I will draw 2 lucky winners who will win this canvas giclee...


or this original oil on canvas...


Yep, you could win a Terri Smith ORIGINAL!

All you have to do is visit Dimples & Dragonflies and become a follower.  

Then come back to Finesse Your Nest and leave a comment on this post!

 That's it, easy as pie! 
(Be sure I have access to your email via your profile, or leave your email address in your post.)
I will be drawing 2 winners using Random.org on February 11th! 

And if that weren't enough, Terri will also be offering special discounts at her Etsy shop to Finesse Your Nest followers through February 11th!

Visit Dimples & Dragonflies Etsy Shop to take advantage of these exclusive deals:

10% off any Giclee Canvas Print

15% off Framed Originals on Canvas

5% off Smaller Framed Prints (with Bows)

Be sure to mention that you are visiting from Finesse Your Nest in the "notes" section of your Etsy order.

So that concludes "Welcome to Newbie Wednesday" for this week.  Thanks for visiting both Finesse Your Nest and Dimples & Dragonflies!


Terri Smith said...

Lovin' how Miss Kendall displayed an overall example of my work. Thank you sweet Kendall!

sissie said...

Hi Kendall,
I just love her artwork. It's so fresh and whimsical.

I went to her blog and signed up.
It will be lots of fun seeing what she is up to.


Linda said...

WOW...I just luv her work...I went by and became a new follower:) Count me in and I hope to WIN!!!!


Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I became a follower...her work is so fun and colorful! Don't you just love the name?


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Love Terri's art work. I am a follower.

Elizabeth said...

I became a follower!!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

What a great giveaway!

She has some talent! WOWIE

I am now following her blog.

Thanks again for the giveaway : )

Aimee said...

I love her art and how whimsical and fresh and bright it all is! I went to her blog and signed up... Thx for introducing us to yet another awesome newbie

Aimee said...

P.s. I dont know if you can find my email on my profile but it is runningchick5505@yahoo.com

Angie S said...

FAB artwork...I'm following you both now! So excited to have found you both ;)

Shannon said...

Beautiful!!! Love her work!

Love the Decor! said...

What a cheerful sight to see on this gray dreary day!!
Her art work is lovely and it too makes me smile!!
I am a follower of her blog.

Denise said...

Great work Terri! I wish I had a daughter to decorate her walls with these cute little kids. Very cheerful!

Melanie said...

I became a follower and I love the rooster:)

scrappydee said...

I love this and your blog...now a follower. Thank you for sharing such an amazing artist!

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for featuring such a talented artist - I love her pieces, and am glad to follow her blog!

Terri Smith said...

Day two and just wanted to give a BIG shout-out to all my new friends! THANKYOU all so very much for joining Dimples & Dragonflies!

And my "continued THANKS" to sweet Kendall! She's like the Chamer of Commerce for the blogging community! So blessed that's she's assisting me. Love, joy, peace and sunshine to you all, Terri

Rhona said...

Oh my gosh, I love her artwork! I definitely became a follower.

vivian said...

Hi! Terri visited my blogsite today and left me a message, I was so glad I popped over to her blog and discovered her WONDERFUL art work. I am absolutely smitten with it! Now Ive got to run back over there and become a follower adn leave her a message, as not only would I love to win a piece of her art, but I look forward to getting to know her a bit through her blog!
thanks so much for highlighting her work here!

Jan said...

Ohhh, I love the bright colors ! Such beautiful work. I am a follower too.

Terri Smith said...

Hello Everybody! Day Three and I'm so happy to have gained so many new friends. A SPECIAL THANKS TO EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!

Only six more days to go and someone will be the Lucky Winner of one of my precious babies. "Samantha's Pink Party Dress," is a lovely piece. My photos don't really do her justice. When you unwrap her, you'll see exactly what I mean.

Thanks again everybody! Blessings, love and joy to you all, Terri

Kim said...

I met Terri just today and she is a doll. I am following her now for sure. Also glad to have found you! Great blog and great philosophy! Come over and visit me sometime!

paperscissors said...

i love the whimsy and colors of ms smith's artwork, like a breath of spring in this long gray winter. i am already a follower of your blog and am now following ms smith

Terri Smith said...

Only 5 Days Remaining until a Winner of "Samantha's Pink Party Dress," is chosen.

My continued appreciation goes out to each of you who have chosen to join me in my new blogging adventure!

Blessings, joy and sunshine to you all from the Peach State, Terri Smith

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh My Gosh Kendall...
I am a follower of Terri's and I would so love to have one of her beautiful master pieces. She is the Queen of Painting Happiness. She give you a "Happy Heart". Any of us would be so lucky to own a piece of her gallery work.

Please enter my name in the drawing. I would so love to win. I am crossing my fingers, toes, and anything else that I can cross.

Thank you soooo much Kendall and Ms Terri for making it possible.

Country hugs ladies, and so much love...Sherry @ Country Wings in Phoenix.

Terri Smith said...

Woops! I promise I can count..just should "proof read" more. In my previous comment from today, I noted the incorrect remaining days until a winner is selected. Just hit the wrong KEY that's all.

It's only 3, THREE DAYS until a lucky winner is selected.

Think I need a break from paint fumes people! Ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...
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Shellbelle said...

I love Terri and am already a follower, so I hope I can still be entered in this fab giveaway.

Like you said, she lives in Georgia, where I will soon be a resident. Different towns, but she sent me the sweetest most supportive email about my move. So, I know that not only is her art beautiful, so is her spirit.

I'm so happy to see others have discovered her through your post and love her work as much as I do.

Thanks Kendall!

Kolleen said...

love Terri's work! beautiful colors....

i am absolutely a follower!!

email: kolleen@terranovo.com



Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Love Miss Terri's work..as you mention all the bright and bold colors are just breathtaking...wishing her much success...sign up to her blog as well.

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