A quick "bio" on Moi!

 Per Cheri's Giveaway "Rules" here is a quick "bio" on me, Mrs. Finesse Your Nest!

My name is Kendall, a 30 somethin' (okay, pushing 40!) SAHM, mom taxi, & husband's hard-working office assistant!  I've been blogging since April of last year, but only seriously in the last 3 months.  I live in a suburb of Houston, Texas -- think hot & sticky, and hurricanes!
( Hurricane Ike - Sept 2008) 

I've been married for almost 10 years (in March!) to the best guy in the world!  He never gripes about all the trash day finds or thrift store treasures that fill our garage, awaiting my magic!  I swear I could paint the walls magenta and he would say "Honey, that looks great!" (which makes him the PERFECT mate for a wannabe decorator!)  We have 2 boys, 9 and almost 14 who make us laugh (and cry) everyday.

And here's Mr. & Mrs. Finesse Your Nest and our little peeps!
(See, occasionally I do fix my hair & don't have spray paint all over my hands!)

I was a retail buyer for 14 years for Foley's (division of May Co, when they were still around.  They are Macy's now) and then Garden Ridge, a home decor superstore with stores primarily in the south & southwest.  Playing with beautiful merchandise all day (well, okay, that's not ALL I did!) really cultivated my desire to beautify my home.  I enjoy decorating, crafting, furniture rehabbing, spray painting & glue gunning (I'm beginning to think it's an illness)!

I really enjoy blogging and reading other decorating/crafting blogs!  There is SO MUCH talent out there in the decorating blogosphere, isn't there?  I learn something new every day!

Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful to the newbie here, and I truly appreciate it!

And finally, another great DIY project from It's So Very Cheri!

Painted Orange Crates!

She did a fun play on words with her last name, Peoples....CUTE!

Read more about this project here!

Now hurry!  You have until Jan 18th to enter Cheri's giveaway!

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Kim said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving me a comment-I'm so new to this blogging thing I just saw it now! (I actually didn't know where to respond, so I'm writing it here, haha) I can totally relate to the dream about finding hidden treasures at garage sales.

Looks like you have such a sweet family!

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