For those of you who "Etsy"

I love the idea of Etsy and notice that several of my blog friends have Etsy shops.

Is it just me, or is Etsy hard to browse if you don't really know what you're looking for?  It could be me....I'm blonde....my excuse for being a little slow!

Would love to hear from you about Etsy, if it's your guilty pleasure!

1)  Do you shop Etsy?  What shops do you frequent?

2)  Do you have an Etsy shop?  How do I find it?

Mr. Finesse Your Nest would scold me if he saw this post ("You're spending money again!) so it's our little secret....K?


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I agree! I think the blog links make it really easy to find one good seller, but it's very maze-like once you stop by looking for something new. I like searching by new listings, just sold, etc for some sort of structure.

Elizabeth said...

I have an etsy shop called Freckled Fancies. I just have some vintage rick-rack and some handmade hairbows in there right now!

Kathy-Catnip Studio said...

I have Etsy shops, links on my blog, and Etsy is currently working to improve the search feature.

dolores @ "Welcome to My Humble Ablog" said...

I usually wait for people to blog about their favorite Esty shops. They really do need to improve their search engine.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

The only time I browse Etsy is when a blogger features a shop. I don't need to get into any more trouble. ;) I have purchased from Kate @ Centsational Girl...she is very pleasant to deal with! :)

Terri Smith said...

Hi..I have an Etsy shop, and I, too, have trouble locating particulars. Thanks for making note of it. Heard Etsy is really trying to improve this..hope so.

My name is Terri Smith. I'm a visual artist out of Bonaire, Georgia. I have just started blogging in December and haven't been long on Etsy. Right now I'm offering a free giveaway promotion to try and familiarize the blogging community with my voice and my blog. If you'd like to drop by and take a look around, you would be very welcomed. You can find me at: http://www.dimplesdragonflies.com

Thanks again for commenting on Etsy..this is how I stumbled upon your site. Hope to see you soon. Warmest regards, Terri Smith

One Cheap B*tch said...

I shop Etsy all the time and have a shop (OkioBDesigns.etsy.com). I can't say I've ever had a heard time finding what I was looking for on there.

I'm a frequent buyer - love vintage items and such - but again never had a real problem finding what I'm looking for although I do have a problem finding specific shops.

Nancy said...

I don't have a shop, but have purchased a few times. I've mainly just searched for some vintage things I wanted. I don't need to bring more into this house, so I don't shop alot there.


Nicole R.J. said...

I have {three!} Etsy shops and buy from there as well... but you're so right, if you're trying to browse it can be a nightmare! I find using the price range tool helps narrow things down for me.

FleaMarketTrixie said...

I have a etsy shop, FleaMarketTrixie, I have a mini esty link on my blog.
I also buy from other sellers, but I think Etsy is getting so big that when you list something new it gets lost because there are so many listing in a day. It is crazy.

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