Decorating Dilemnas Party - My Master Bedroom

Amanda over at Serenity Now is throwing a wonderful party today!  

Do you have a corner of your home or even a whole room that is just not "clicking", or worse, you've never worked your magic on?

Need help from our wonderful blog community on what to do, colors, furniture placement, etc?

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My dilemna is my master bedroom.  It has looked the same way since we moved in and I've never painted in there.  Looks like it will be the last room to get some lovin'.

Wall #1 - It's a pretty small room.  This furniture is gorgeous and fit in our old house perfectly, but things are a little tight in this space.  Unfortunately, we'll have to live with it for a few more years!

I'm not tied to ANY of the colors, but want the room to feel like a retreat.

What do you think about the lamps?  Should they be taller, chunkier?  And the art?  Does it look strange to not have something over the bed?

Wall #2 - This is what you see if you are laying in bed, a wall of dark furniture!  My problem in moving one of the pieces is, wall#3 is a window seat (total waste of space in my opinion) and the other wall is open but placing furniture there may block the path into the bathroom.

Need ideas for paint color in this room and ideas for accessories (everything is so dark!)

Wall #3 - the window seat.  What do I do with this, really?  It's not like I'm going to sit there on a cushion and read a book!  Ideas?

Also, window treatment ideas, keeping in mind that hardware has to be attached to the CEILING because of the windows and that floor length panels wont work because of the window seat.

The ceiling -- I'm feeling like it needs some sort of special paint treatment, but what?

The fan needs to go (ugly builder grade).  We'll have to replace with a prettier fan, since we are in sticky Houston (*she says wistfully, thinking of the drippy chandy she would really like to see in here)

So, have at it!  No critique too harsh.  Colors are fair game, Bedding, accessories, window treatments are too.

What would YOU do in this room?


Nancy said...

I'm home on my lunch break and only have a moment, so I'll pick just a few ideas to throw at ya. In the bed area, I would put one large piece above the bed and get two larger/taller lamps to anchor things.

For paint color, maybe a light neutral? And for window treatments, maybe just switch the shades out to a bamboo shade. The natural texture would add interest and look cool, I think. And then you could just use the window seat area to display things.

Good luck!

Shoelver82 said...

I love this idea! I should do this.

Wall #1 - I would probably remove the two pics on the wall and add a large pic or Decorative mirror over the bed. Mirrors seem to make Rooms larger. I would probably replace the lamps with larger/taller ones and make them the artwork on the sides of your bed.

I would use a light light blue for paint color.It is relaxing and would look great with your furniture.

Wall #2 This area looks too cluttered. I would lose some of the things if you could. I would use lighter accent decor to offset the furniture and not a lot of it.

Wall #3. I would use light sheer drapes and have them draped to the side for a Romantic look. I don't know how big the seat is but maybe larger more decorative pillars to make it look relaxing.

And for the Ceiling.

I would get a new fan like you said. Check out Delmarfans.com. they have a wide variety of fans and i don't know what your budget is so they have a wide range. I always tend to like the more expensive things even though I can't afford them. They have really pretty paddle fans. I know you really want a drippy chandy. you could always get a nice floor or wall fan for the comfort and get a chandy..


Confessions From A Working Mom said...

Your bedroom is like mine-- unchanged since move-in day! I think for wall coloring, a nice, soft, robins-egg blue would be beautiful-- and looks like it would match your bedding. I think you need something over your bed, as well-- maybe a picture collage (a whole bunch of family pictures-- maybe in black and white-- in separate frames but organized into an overall square or rectangular shape?). I'm also not a fan of where those two tall, narrow pictures are over your night stand-- they make your bed seem closed in. Could they be moved elsewhere?

And what about moving the taller bureau on that other wall into your closet? Is that even possible?

Confessions From A Working Mom

Meg said...

Hi! I made my way over from the posting party. Here are just a couple of ideas I can think of.

Have you seen the wall decals on Etsy? They have some cute monogram ones and a round one might not only personalize your space, but add interest over your bed where everything else is square or rectangular. Maybe one initial or three? Something like this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=38209377

As far as wall color, I agree with blue. Grayish-blue is really in right now, but to lighten up, maybe robins egg blue like the last suggestions or duck egg blue would be perky and still chic.

Thanks for sharing! It's already looking fab!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

If I were doing the room, I would probably sell the two pieces of furniture across from the bed and find a longer, but low dresser to go there instead.

I absolutely love your bed and would try to draw attention to that area of the room by creating a focal point above it... pretty mirror, accent color, or one large piece of art?

PS I'm in a similar boat as you~ not allowed to replace the fan with something prettier :(.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love the gorgeous grey-blue that Kate from Centsational Girl has on the walls in her guest studio (see: http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2009/07/recycled-cabinet-doors-turned-headboard/ for pics)

I like this idea of plates (or something) over the bed-- not necessarily the shelf though: http://missalamode.blogspot.com/2009/02/extreme-makeover-master-bedroom-edition.html

If you know you won't be using the window seat to sit on, why not utilize that area for an accessory or two...take the heat off the "furniture wall," as you call it. ;)

If you want to paint the ceiling, maybe go one shade lighter than what you choose for the walls???

I like the idea of new, bigger lamps as well.

Hope you get some great ideas today!

Thanks for linking up. :)

Heather said...

I think your bedding is beautiful and I love your furniture! I think the walls would look beautiful with a light blue/gray paint. I also like Nancy's idea of bamboo shades for the window. And I want to echo everyone who said to take down the two pictures on the bed wall and put one bigger piece above the bed - love the idea of a mirror. If need be, you could even put the two smaller pictures side by side above the bed.

Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

Thanks so much for the comments guys! I think I have a plan!

1) Separate the 2 piece of furniture on the "furniture wall" - either sell one, put the dresser in the closet, or move the dresser to the other wall (if it doesn't block traffic too much)

2) De-cessorize and possibly do lighter accessories!

3) Woven shades on the windows

4) Blue/Gray or Robin's Egg paint on the walls

5) Large art or mirror over the bed and move the 2 pieces there to another wall

6) Taller chunkier lamps

7) New ceiling fan

I really appreciate everyone's input and enjoyed reading your dilemnas as well!

alanna rose said...

I really like your furniture :)

I'd beef up the bedside lamps and take down the art. If you can put the dresser in a closet, could you hang the mirror horizontally over the bed (or is the scale not quite right?)? And if the idea of a mirror above your bed is off-putting, maybe you could temporarily upholster the mirror to add some "soft" art above the bed?

How about stationary panels on either side of the window seat - to frame it - and woven shades for privacy?

I love a bluey grey wall :)

Heather @ McKinney Living said...

LOVE the blue-grey paint idea! I'm also a sucker for big ole lamps - what about something like this: http://www.westelm.com/products/w482/ (I've seen similar at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods)

I would get rid of the two pieces of art and maybe do something big, like a decal or large piece of art right in the middle of bed posts.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

1. Totally paint it a cool blue (our bedroom is chocolate brown/blue, too).
2. Move one of the pieces of furniture into the closet (we have done that and LOVE it).
3. Hang curtains on either side of the window seat (not closable) - I am going to email you a photo we took at a house we almost bought for an idea).
4. Get all that crap off your nightstands and adjacent walls! :)
5. I am dying to try these...maybe you should, too! http://www.potterybarn.com/products/chelsea-swing-arm-sconce-base/?pkey=cbedroom-sconces
6. Totally use the space above your headboard for something FAB! (I love the decal or mirror ideas.)


Kendall at Finesse Your Nest said...

Sunny -- I would love to see pics of your bedroom! Maybe it would give me some added inspiration!

And hey, I'm gonna clean that crap off my tables this weekend. You crack me up girl!

Danielle and Clint said...

I would go a little bold with color because of your awesome ceilings! Your room could totally handle it! Then I would do curtains in a neutral with natural woven blinds. I like your furniture in there to be honest. Just looks like it needs a little arranging. I just feel like the room needs some color.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Everyone has given you great ideas. I like the large monogram idea above the bed. It would be bold & make a statement. Plus it wouldn't fall on your head in case of an earthquake (I live in California so I need to think of these things). Other than that, I think everyone else has covered it.

Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

FrouFrouBritches said...

I totally agree you need a big something over your bed - a big print, painting, vinyl letters quote or momogram would be good.

I also agree with getting rid of the two pieces on one wall and maybe getting one big piece.

I love your window seat. I think you could really build on your color scheme there. I would hang a rod right above it and hang two panels (preferably a print) to hang down and pull back to each side. Add a cusion out of another complimentary fabric and a few pillows. It's almost like a little secret place inviting you in.

I sew, therefore I am obsessed with fabric. There are always so many gorgeous fabrics to choose from and it's so easy to bring in another color that way.

Search my archives for more great ideas!