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The winner gets to choose from one of the 3 items above:  set of 4 beachy signs, set of 3 lanterns or sailboat pillow!

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Its So Very Cheri said...

You are going to love my newest sponsor--all beachy stuff.

I saw you had a comment on my newest followers paint saga and so I wanted to copy to you how to get paint out of carpet-I promise it works.

LAST-don't ask how I know all of this...I have spilled paint and I have 4 kids. TRY getting an entire bottle of syrup out of your carpet.
The paint, now that it is dry may never come out but if that ever happens again you want to get a wet/dry shop vac or a carpet cleaner from the grocery store immediately and get it up--it will all come up--I stepped off a step ladder with a full can of navy blue paint and you would have never known--we did not have to replace the carpet. The soap--you want to use the same procedure and you want to get it up-if you don't it will get BLACK because soap attracts dirt. Whenever you shampoo your carpets, even though you are already exhausted you should go over the carpets again with clear water to remove the soap and it will keep them clean longer. If you have a shop vac get a pitcher of hot water and begin pouring it over the spot, don't scrub just use the hose and suck it up, pour more hot water and suck it up again and again and again and again...it will eventually all come up. You could try it with the paint and see if it would come up but it may be too late.

I did not tell her this I need to go back over--but once you have all the paint out of the carpet, if there is a stain from the color, there is a product called Wine Out that is supposed to remove even RED WINE from white carpet.

I used to speak at a ladies event every other Friday at our church and I gave all kinds of time and money saving tips and people would ask me questions about how to do things and I would research it for them and give them ideas. I have never used the Wine Out but it sounded like a great product, if all the oxy cleans etc didn't work first.

Here is another tip for you--did you know if you put foil--regular old aluminum foil under the cover of your ironing board it will speed up you ironing time because the foil gets hot and so the wrinkles come out quicker.



Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Thanks so much Kendall..., and your button on my blog just came back!!

prashant said...

I wanted to copy to you how to get paint out of carpet-I promise it works.

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