Project Pumpkin underway!

I finally made it over to the pumpkin patch and went NUTS buying pumpkins and gourds in all shapes and sizes.  I think the guy running the place thought I was completely batty!  Here's what I came home with...

I immediately sat down and put together one of the projects I posted about last week.  Here it is...


Isn't that the cutest?!  It was super easy.  Here's the step by step:
1.  Use a medium to large pumpkin.  Wash off pumpkin with wet cloth.
2.  Tape a stencil on pumpkin (I used W for our last name.  You could also use 3 smaller pumpkins & spell out the word BOO.  I would use no smaller than 4" stencil).
3.  With a Sharpie, trace around the stencil.
4.  Use a pumpkin carving knife or paring knife (I used a paring knife) to cut the outline of the letter.
5.  Carefully cut out just the top layer of pumpkin skin inside the traced letter.  (Beware -- the pumpkin will be a little "juicy" so don't be wearing anything too nice!)
6.  Place pumpkin in a pot, urn or other fun container.
7.  Tuck in a sprig of Fall leaves, berries or branches.
8.  Tie a raffia or ribbon bow around the stem.

I absolutely love this project, especially because it can stay up through Thanksgiving.

More to come...check back!


sarah said...

yes this is very cute! great job


Kendall said...

Thanks Sarah! It was so easy to put together! Hey, let me know if you have a blog. Always looking for new ones to follow!

jenjen said...

Fun pumpkins and gourds! I love your monogrammed pumpkin - very cute!


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