Our Spook-TACKY-ular Halloween Decor!

I was informed by my 8 year old that last year's Halloween decorations were just not scary enough!  Hmmm, a challenge, I hear??  So, presenting our new, GHOULISH, Halloween decor (just looking at it will frighten all you "Marthas" out there, but hey...we do it for the kids right?)

Sidenote -- The pumpkin patch is on my list this week, so I can complete some of those cute pumpkin projects I posted last week!  Check back!

Definitely not far from the truth!

Lighted skulls and a severed leg will welcome our trick-or-treaters this year.  Lucky them!

Some creepy claws...

I can't even explain this one!

Rest in peace, whoever you are...

And we had to have spiderwebs...

A warm welcome from the cackling, rattling caged grim reaper!


To complete the tackiness, one MUST have an inflatable angry jack-o-lantern!!

Mom in da house!!!

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