More easy Fall decorating ideas!

Love, love, love this! Drill holes in pumpkin and insert lollipops! Wouldn't these be cool on either side of your front door, to welcome your Trick or Treaters?

Paint any salutation on a pumpkin to welcome guests! Or you could paint "Go away" to ward them off! Ha!

Does this not look like Jack from "Nightmare Before Christmas"??? Love it!

Easy wreath! Use an old empty picture frame and hot glue silk fall leaves to the front. You could also use pinecones, acorns, or even nuts!

You know how we just love our stars in Texas! Use a star form (craft store) or fashion one out of a wire hanger. Attach fall leaves (real or faux) using florist's wire.

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Sunny said...

Just printed the square leaf wreath and am on my way to Michaels! I LOVE reading your blog, Kendall. We have very similar tastes in home decor and you are giving me some fab ideas! Keep up the good work, Martha! :o)

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