Washer broken....defcon 4!

Well, it happened. My washer finally kicked the bucket! For 2 weeks I was dealing with major washer malfunctions. The spin cycle wouldn't complete, so I was wringing the water out of my clothes piece by piece every time I did a load (and saying a few choice *words* in the process!) But, hubby saves the day! I now have a new washer and life is good! This is a picture of it, isn't it cute? (okay, its a washer, I know!) But to me, it is a thing of beauty. It has more cycles, it's quiet and my clothes have never been cleaner (yeah, it's getting deep in here!) If you are totally jealous of my new washer, you can get yours at Home Depot -- it's a Maytag Centennial Commercial top load. And those great little guys from HD delivered the new beautiful washer and hauled away my sad little broken one! Sidebar -- I was looking at those new front load jobs that only take detergent like once a year (is that possible?) but have friends who say they aren't that great, so we decided to go with the good old top loader.

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