Craig's List - a new addiction

Need some new wheels? They are FREE. They're in the pasture out behind my Maw-Maw's house.

A chaise lounge for FREE, yes free. Okay, so it probably needs a little work but did I tell you it was FREE?!

Need some English Ivy? Just come on over and dig it up!

I hear everyone rave over Craig's List and I'm ashamed to say that moi, ever the trash picker, thrift store visitor, etc, has NEVER looked at Craig's List. Yes, I said it, NEVER. So I just perused the site and I will certainly be putting it on my daily rotation.

The coolest thing that got me *giddy* was the FREE section. Yeah, people actually list their unwanted crapola FREE to the first person. Oh, this could be dangerous. I'm seeing a storage unit in my future... I've shown some fine examples above of what you can get for FREE on Craig's List. I should also mention that a lot of the FREE things didn't have pictures, but there was everything from pine trees, to car parts, to baby formula!

Hey, economy's bad. I've gotta save where I can. They are even calling this FREE crap exchange "freecycling". Neato!

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