Don't forget your local thrift store!

I found a wonderful Goodwill store in my little sleepy suburb! I went in not expecting much and came out with 3 new projects!

Project #1: I bought a cute little piano bench with storage in the seat for $20. The carving on the legs is yummy but it's covered in a mustard velvet ala 1970's! I think I'm going to paint the legs white and cover the seat in a chocolate and white honeycomb print. That's what I envision anyway. We'll see what I come up with at the fabric store!

Project #2: A 3-tier wood table that would be perfect on the back patio as a serving cart for $10! I think I will add casters to the bottom and paint it a fun color!

Project #3: Glass jars w/ lids for $.79 to $1.99. Have you seen those ever-so-perfect pantries in decorating magazines where everything is in labeled cute glass jars? Well, I want to do that in mine too! Maybe it will make my dinky little pantry look a little more respectable! Now my mission is to hit this place every week to get more jars.

Don't forget your local thrift store! There is a treasure trove of decorating for CHEAP! One note on furniture. Make sure the piece is sturdy and is not broken to the point of disrepair. You can change finishes & cover ugly seats. And check back often. These places get new shipments every day!

I will post pics of my thrift store projects....when I can get to them!!

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